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  • Our 20 best hummus recipes

    Hummus and pita chips are our go-to healthy snack - they're tasty, quick to make at home and packed full of protein and fibre to keep you feeling full. It's the perfect afternoon treat for any day of the week but if you want to mix it up, here we've pulled together the best twists on your basic hummus dip. There's everything from a lovely sweet pumpkin dip to a spicy coriander and chilli variation. Just throw your ingredients together and process until smooth - you'll have you new favourite dip ready in less than 10 minutes. Too easy!

    Australian Women's Weekly|Feb 14, 2017

  • Sweet desserts that are full of hidden vegetables

    Sure, it's probably not the equivalent of eating a big bowl of salad, but adding grated vegies to your cakes, pies and tarts helps bulk them up and add a lovely natural moisture, reducing the amount of flour or sugar you need. From grated carrot and zucchini, to pumpkin, sweet potato and rhubarb, these sweet treats have all the added goodness you need, with no compromise on the flavour you want.

    Now to love|Oct 13, 2016

  • The ultimate hangover tonic juice

    This refreshing juice from The Australian Women's Weekly's 'Juices and Smoothies' cookbook is packed full of goodness, from the beetroot that cleanses the blood and liver, coconut water for hydration, lime for alkaline qualities and activated charcoal as a natural detoxifier.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 27, 2016

  • 20 beautiful beetroot salad recipes

    Whether it's freshly roasted or cool and pickled, beetroot is a fabulous addition to most salads. It's natural sweetness provides lovely flavour, colour and juiciness to your dish, not the mention all the incredible vitamins it contains. To get you thinking about how you can include more beetroot in your salads, take a look through this perfectly purple recipe collection. We've got dishes with creamy goat's cheese and feta, hearty pumpkin and warm grilled lamb. Just delicious!

    Now to love|Sep 19, 2016

  • Caramelised onion and beetroot jam

    While most jams are made using fruit, this tasty savoury-style recipe from The Australian Women's Weekly's 'Made From Scratch' cookbook is brilliant dolloped atop a steak sandwich, or served with blue cheese.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 29, 2016