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Photographer: Stuart Scott Stylist: Kate Brown

Scotch broth

Scotch broth is one of those classic, thrifty recipes designed to help you feed a growing family nourishing food on a tiny budget.
Chunky beef and vegetable soup

Chunky beef and vegetable soup

The beauty of this hearty soup lies in its versatility. You can use whatever winter veggies that take your fancy - cauliflower, broccoli or even mushrooms - and it will still taste just as good.
Photographer: Brett Stevens; Stylist: Jane Hann

Borscht with meatballs

The addition of plump, herbed meatballs makes this fresh borscht a meal in itself. Serve topped with dill infused sour cream.
Harira (middle eastern soup)

Harira (middle-eastern soup)

There is plenty of this Middle Eastern soup to go around and with juicy lamb and spicy vegetables you'll certainly be needing every bit.
Quince crostata

Quince crostata

This Italian tart with sour cream pastry and a sweet quince jam filling is wonderfully simple to make and delicious to eat.