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nutty choc-chip boiled fruit cakes

Nutty choc-chip boiled fruit cakes

Use frangelico (hazelnut) or crème de cacao (chocolate) flavoured liqueurs. Cut cakes with a serrated knife. Note
Clarissa the Cow

Clarissa the cow

Clarissa the cow is out in the paddock, eating the flowers and generally getting into all kinds of mischief. Note
SoftmeringuewithpineappleAND KAFFIR LIME SYRUP

Soft meringue with pineapple and makrut lime syrup

Place any leftover lime leaves in a resealable plastic bag and freeze for another use. Add three or four to a curry, scrunching the leaves first to release the flavour; toss thinly sliced leaves through a tropical fruit salad; or add sliced leaves to a jug of iced water for a refreshing citrus flavour. Mango […]
CastLe of Darkness

Castle of darkness

You can find artificial spider’s web at novelty shops. If you can’t find it, use fairy floss or cotton wool instead. Be sure to remove spider’s web or cotton wool and skewers before cutting and serving the cake. You will need approximately 3 x 100g bars of Toblerone for this cake. Note
satsuma plum clafouti

Satsuma plum clafouti

Sometimes called Indian blood plum, the large plum used in this recipe has a distinctive dark red to purple fibrous flesh, is extremely juicy, pleasantly sweet, and is the plum most often found canned. Canned apricots or peaches can be substituted for the plums. A delicious time-and waist-saving recipe. Note