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A traditional Sunday dinner dish in the French countryside that literally means, 'chicken in a pot'.
lancashire hot pot

Lancashire hot pot

Not suitable to freeze. If you have one, try using a mandoline to cut the potatoes into paper-thin slices, otherwise, use a very sharp knife. We used a merlot-style wine in this recipe. Note
pulled beef with barbecue sauce

Pulled beef with barbecue sauce

Pulled beef, or pork, comes from pulling extremely tender pieces of meat apart­ rather than cutting it into slices usually with two forks, which separates the meat into strands. Low, slow cooking is required to produce meat tender enough to pull apart into pieces. Note
pot roast with mustard cream sauce

Pot roast with mustard cream sauce

Swiss brown mushrooms, also known as roman or cremini, are light-to darkbrown in colour with a full bodied flavour. Store on a tray in a single layer, covered with damp, absorbent paper and keep where cool air can circulate around them. Note

Spanish-style barbecue leg of lamb

This deliciously tender piece of lamb is cooked using traditional Spanish flavours, combining salty chorizo and fragrant garlic and thyme to create a memorable dish for a roast dinner or Christmas lunch.