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Rice cooker method

Butter miso mushroom risotto

Butter miso mushroom risotto

Enjoy the flavours of Asia with this delectable butter miso mushroom risotto. This dish is quick and easy, yet still packs bags of flavour!
Chicken zucchini risotto

Chicken zucchini risotto

For a delicious snack, make arancini balls: shape leftover risotto into walnut-sized balls, dip in whisked egg and coat in breadcrumbs, then shallow fry. Note
cheesy tuna and pea pasta

Cheesy tuna and pea pasta

You will need a 2.5-litre (10-cup) rice cooker for this recipe. Dried gnocchi-shaped pasta is available from the pasta section in most supermarkets. Dried gnocchi is generally shaped like a hollowed shell with a ridged surface. Fresh gnocchi usually contains potatoes, while dried gnocchi contains semolina flour and no potato. Note
braised potatoes

Braised potatoes

Use rosemary or tarragon instead of thyme to flavour the braised potatoes. Recipe not suitable to freeze. Note
chickpea and lentil rice with fried onion

Chickpea and lentil rice with fried onion

Baharat, an aromatic spice blend, includes some or all of the following: mixed spice, black pepper, allspice, dried chilli flakes, cinnamon, coriander seeds, paprika, clove, sumac, nutmeg, cumin seeds and cardamom seeds. It is used throughout the Middle East; here, it is often sold as “lebanese seven-spice”, and can be found in MiddleEastern food stores, […]