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pomegranate and rhubarb cordial

Pomegranate and rhubarb cordial

You will need about 1 bunch of rhubarb (use only the reddest stems) and 3 large pomegranates for this recipe. Note
apple and rhubarb streusel slice

Apple and rhubarb streusel slice

The German term for "sprinkle", a streusel is great to have with tea or coffee mid-morning on a chilly weekend, and this one's rhubarb and apple filling gives it a wonderfully homely flavour.
Photographer: Brett Stevens. Stylist: Yael Grinham

Pancakes with three toppings

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Saturday, any day is the right day for pancakes with three toppings for breakfast, brunch or even lunch.
Rhubarb chutney

Rhubarb chutney

This tart-sweet chutney partners hot or cold poultry and pork perfectly.