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Vanilla cheesecake with poached quinces

Vanilla cheesecake with poached quinces

The slightly astringent flavour of quince is the perfect foil to the sweet creaminess of cheesecake, especially when doused in fresh lemon juice. This quince and vanilla cheesecake has our favourite granita biscuit base. Yum.
rhubarb, apple and pear crumble

Rhubarb, apple and pear crumble

The crumbles can be made in individual dishes and frozen, before baking, for up to 2 months. Note
Plum and lemon POLENTA CAKE

Plum and lemon polenta cake

Limencello is an Italian lemon liqueur from liquor stores; you could always use white rum instead. To make the removal of plum stones easier and to avoid bruising the fruit, use a melon baller. Keep in mind that the plums can be poached a day ahead; keep refrigerated. However, this cake is best made on […]