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Vietnamese Chicken Coleslaw

Vietnamese chicken coleslaw

You can add herbs, lemon slices or peppercorns to the poaching liquid. For a lunchbox version, add cooked rice vermicelli to the salad and use as a filling for rice-paper rolls. Note
poached eggs and mushrooms

Poached eggs and mushrooms

Sometimes you need real, proper energy food for breakfast or brunch, the kind of meal that can last a hike or help you recover from last night. Poached eggs and mushrooms on toast is it.
poached eggs on sourdough

Poached eggs on sourdough

Current evidence tells us that eggs are one of nature's super foods. Because they are protein packed and contain omega-3, plus 10 vitamins and minerals, we can enjoy up to 6 a week. So go on, eat your eggs!

Lemon garlic chicken on ciabatta

Poaching chicken in this way guarantees a tender and moist result. Served on ciabatta, this lemon garlic chicken is a perfect protein filled lunch with a tangy finish, and just the right amount of heat from the chilli.

Chicken and corn soup

Tasty, fresh and incredibly healthy, this is the kind of chicken and corn soup that leaves you feeling energised, refreshed and ready for anything.
Poached chicken with ruby grapefruit salad

Poached chicken with ruby grapefruit salad

Poaching chicken in this way keeps the meat lovely and moist. Make sure you cover with a tightly fitting lid to prevent too much liquid from evaporating, and simmer, rather than boil. Boiling will make the chicken tough.
peach and nectarine trifle

Peach and nectarine trifle

You could use apricots as well or instead of either fruit for this divine peach and nectarine trifle. As a rule of thumb, just go with whatever is best in season.
smoked salmon and poached egg on rye

Smoked salmon and poached egg on rye

Packed with omega-3, protein and fibre this smoked salmon and poached egg on rye is a delicious and healthy breakfast or brunch. Adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the poaching water will help keep the eggs together.