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saucy caramel pudding

Saucy caramel pudding

This recipe is also nut-free and gluten-free Note
semi-dried tomato and spinach tart

Gluten-free tomato, chicken and spinach tart

There's no need to miss out on delicious pastry dishes because of allergies. This tasty chicken, semi-dried tomato and spinach tart is gluten-free, and beautiful enjoyed warm from the oven or served cool as a lunch-box snack.
passionfruit crème brûlée

Passionfruit crème brûlée

Standing the custards in a dish filled with ice cubes keeps the custards from melting while the sugar is caramelising under the grill. Of course, if you have a cooking blowtorch, use that instead. Note
parsnip soup with kale chips

Parsnip soup with kale chips

Be extremely careful when blending hot soup, let it cool a little first. Don’t overfill the blender, one third to half full is a good guide, and make sukre the lid is secure. Alternatively use a stick blender. Note