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lemon curd souffles

Lemon curd souffles

When we think of soufflés as a sweet, we often think of the chocolate kind. While you won't catch us dissing anything with chocolate in it, this lemon curd soufflé is sweet and tart and exceedingly delicious.
fruit cakes

Fruit cakes

For a gift-giving idea, spray a bamboo steamer (available from Asian food stores) with silver spray, line with tissue and fill with little cakes. Wrap it completely in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. Substitute brandy for Irish whiskey, if you like.
passionfruit flummery

Passionfruit flummery

Flummery originated in rural Britain, where it was made with oatmeal or wheat ears soaked in warm water for up to three days. Over time, fruit and gelatine (or 'isinglass', before gelatine was invented) were used instead of grain, turning it into a jelly-like dessert.
creamy pumpkin and prosciutto pasta

Pasta with pumpkin and prosciutto

This quick and tasty pasta dish is packed full of flavour and is perfect for a mid week dinner for the family. The combination of crispy proscuitto and tender pumpkin is complemented wonderfully by freshly shaved parmesan cheese.
Char-grilled tuna with chilled soba

Char-grilled tuna with soba noodles

Soba are Japanese buckwheat noodles and are great served hot or cold. They are available in selected supermarkets and Asian grocery stores. Note
leek and parmesan mini frittatas

Leek and parmesan mini frittatas

Perfect for school lunches, picnics or after-school snacks and equally delicious hot or cold, these mini leek and parmesan fritters will always satisfy hungry mouths.
risoni and spring vegetable soup

Risoni and spring vegetable soup

Some soups just beg to be enjoyed in the springtime. This brothy risoni and spring vegetable soup is light, tasty and ready in a jiffy. Serve with warm, fresh crusty bread.
Braised Duck

Braised duck

A fresh and fragrant braised duck dish that is fragrant and full of flavour. Most types of dried mushrooms will work well; if you want to stick with the Asian theme of the dish, use dried shiitakes.
creamy mushroom pasta

Creamy mushroom pasta

Toss the pasta through the sauce just before serving, as it will soak up all the sauce if tossed too early. Either swiss brown, flat or oyster mushrooms can be used instead of the button mushrooms.
passionfruit meringue cake

Passionfruit meringue cake

Can’t decide on cake or meringue? Why not both! It starts with a cake base, topped with meringue and sandwiched with mascarpone cream.