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thyme and tofu stir-fry

Thyme and tofu stir-fry

Not suitable to microwave. Not suitable to freeze. Note
balsamic butterflied lamb

Balsamic butterflied lamb

Wow your guests with this BBQ perfect balsamic butterfly lamb. Don't forget to rest your lamb. Resting time allows the meat juices to redistribute and meat fibres to relax ensuring tender, moist and flavoursome meat.
vegetarian sang choy bow

Vegetarian sang choy bow

For a non-vegetarian option, substitute tofu with lean chicken mince. You could use butter lettuce leaves, if you prefer. For extra heat, add an extra fresh long red chilli. Note
passionfruit and banana fool

Passionfruit and banana fool

They are an unlikely pair, but the combination of banana and passionfruit is fresh, healthy and delicious; always a winner. Make sure your bananas are ever so slightly firm, with no blemishes.

Lentil and rice pilaf

Pilaf can be prepared several hours ahead. Transfer pilaf to an ovenproof dish, cover with foil and refrigerate. Warm in oven as required. Note
rich dark fruit loaf

Rich dark fruit loaf

Try this delicious rich, dark fruit loaf warm with butter for a tasty morning or afternoon tea. Packed with dried fruit and spices, there's no need for any added sugar.
mixed mushroom risotto

Mixed mushroom risotto

Serve up this winter warming mixed mushroom risotto for dinner tonight. It's full of flavour and perfect if you're after a vegetarian meal that will be more than substantial.