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steak & chilli tomato sauce

Steak & chilli tomato sauce

While your perfectly cooked steak is resting to its tender conclusion, quickly throw together this fried tomato and chilli sauce to go with. A side order of greens and you have a complete, healthy and low carb meal.
kingfish with salsa verde and white bean puree

Kingfish with salsa verde and white bean puree

We think salsa verde is just as good as pesto, and deserving of far more attention. It's not a spicy Mexican type salsa, but Italian, with a zesty, herbaceous, lemony flavour that goes well with fish and simple meat dishes. It compliments the kingfish beautifully.
Mediterranean roast beef and vegetables

Roast beef and mediterranean vegetables

Everybody loves a traditional roast. Ditch the usual carb-heavy vegetables for this wonderfully coloured and flavoured mediterranean ensemble and there'll be no complaints at dinnertime.
blue-eye fillets with vegetables

Blue-eye fillets with vegetables

If you're feeling like a low-carb light and nutritious dinner this recipe will not let you down. It's also quick and easy and perfectly finished off with a squeeze of lemon.