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Fish with tarragon sauce

We've used salmon for this recipe, but tarragon compliments seafood beautifully. You could use tuna, flathead, ling, trout or any firm fleshed fish.
Stir-fried Asian greens with tofu

Stir-fried Asian greens with tofu

These fresh Asian greens should be just tender when cooked. Fragrant garlic and ginger infuse both the greens and the tofu, and peanuts add crunch.

Sticky pork chops with blue cheese coleslaw

A little bit sticky and a little bit spicy, these pork chops won't disappoint, especially not with side of crunchy coleslaw. If you prefer, you could substitute the blue cheese for feta.
fish witn fennel & lemo vinaigrette

Kingfish with fennel and lemon vinaigrette

The robust flavour of kingfish compliments the fennel beautifully. Swordfish will work equally as well. Either way, served with a green salad and grilled cherry tomatoes.you have a healthy, delicious and low-carb meal.
Photography by Dean Wilmot. Styling: Vicki Liley

Smoked trout and avocado salad

Sour cream dressing adds a lemony lift to this smoked trout and avocado salad. If you can't get your hands on any smoked trout, you could substitute smoked salmon. Either way, the crisp leaves, soft avocado and fish bites make a delicious dish.