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angel cakes

Angel cakes

Filled with raspberry jam and whipped cream, these lamington-style cakes make the perfect morning or afternoon treat.

Caramel macadamia bars

These caramel macadamia bars are a definite luxury item. Sprinkled with icing sugar, they are a most delicious treat.
orange hazelnut butter yo-yos

Orange hazelnut butter yo-yos

Give your regular yo-yos a citrusy, nutty twist with these orange and hazelnut flavoured morsels. Perfect to enjoy with your morning or afternoon cuppa with friends.
walnut and honey tarts

Walnut and honey tarts

These tarts add a tasty, elegant twist to a traditional high tea, or can be just as fun served as individual desserts.
Seafood Vol Au Vents

Seafood vol au vents

Use 250g marinara mix or your favourite seafood in this recipe. Note
Pumpkin scones

Pumpkin scones

A genuine Australian classic, pumpkin scones are best scoffed warm and spread with lashings of butter.
Cheese and spinach triangles

Cheese and spinach triangles

These tasty little Greek-style cheese and spinach filo triangles are delicious served with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Great as finger food or for an after-school snack.
Sugar & spice shortbread

Sugar & spice shortbread

These fragrant sugar and spice shortbreads, infused with all the fragrances of the festive season, make fabulous end of year and edible Christmas gifts. Package in a pretty tin or box, and finish with a fancy label and pretty ribbon.
Tangelo jam

Tangelo jam

A cross between mandarins and grapefruit, tangelos make a jam that's sweeter than marmalade yet still tart, thanks to the fruit's natural acidity. This jam is particularly good spooned generously over rice pudding or served with tangelo cake.