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Yogurt, garlic and cucumber dip (tzatziki)


Creamy, garlicky tzatziki is fabulous served with roast lamb or on kebabs, but also as a dip with a pile of crisp, freshly cut vegetables, crackers or twists.
Gourmet guacamole

Gourmet guacamole

Queso anejo and poblano chillies bring an authentic Mexican flavour to this gourmet guacamole. If you can't lay your hands on any queso anejo, you can use parmesan and other similar cheeses in its place.
parsnip soup with kale chips

Parsnip soup with kale chips

Be extremely careful when blending hot soup, let it cool a little first. Don’t overfill the blender, one third to half full is a good guide, and make sukre the lid is secure. Alternatively use a stick blender. Note