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sweet red onion chutney

Sweet red onion chutney

Tying various herbs and spices in a piece of muslin, securing with kitchen string, makes them easier to remove when the chutney is ready to be spooned into jars. Note
potato skins

Potato skins with trio of dips

A tasty snack or finger food for entertaining, these deliciously crispy potato skins are great served with our homemade dips. We've given you three recipes to choose from. Or, make them all!
rocket and mint

Rocket and mint

Also goes well with potato salad; pan-fried beef eye-fillet steaks (omit water so the pesto has a thicker consistency); grilled lamb kebabs. Note


Use a mixture of cauliflower, carrots, celery, green tomatoes, cucumber and pickling onions. If the mixture seems too wet, drain away some of the liquid before bottling. Note

Pomegranate molasses

Keep an eye on the syrup towards the end of the cooking time; as it reduces, you need to reduce the temperature to maintain a gentle simmer. Use any leftover pomegranate seeds in salads or sprinkle over desserts. Note
sun-dried tomato mayonnaise

Sun-dried tomato mayonnaise

Oil needs to be added slowly to prevent mixture separating. Should the mixture separate, whisk in two tablespoons of hot water. Note