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Peanut butter

Peanut butter

Ditch the store-bought version that is often laden with preservatives and sugars, and go for this delicious homemade version of everyone's favourite spread.
potato, chicken and corn soup

Potato, chicken and corn soup

This soup is great for lunch at the office or for a picnic. If a microwave is not available for reheating the soup, pack it in a preheated insulated flask. Note
sweet and sour

Sweet and sour sauce

Fresh lychees can be substituted for canned ones if you like. You can use pineapple and pineapple juice instead of lychees for a different flavour. This sauce also goes well with fried tofu, grilled chicken breasts or steamed greens. Note
mint julep

Mint julep

This cocktail should be made with the best bourbon you can buy. Use a 300ml highball glass. Note
Poached salmon and pasta salad with rocket pesto

Poached salmon and pasta salad with rocket pesto

Farfalle is a short, rather sturdy butterfly-shaped pasta that is also known as “bow-ties”. It is good for a dish such as this because the folds and crinkles of each piece help capture the pesto and hold the other ingredients. Replace the farfalle with penne or small shells if you wish. Note