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apple semolina

Apple semolina

Creamy semolina porridge with apple makes a great breakfast, or dessert for children.
apple & rice cereal

Apple & rice cereal

Add rice cereal to other fruit purées, if you like. Note
apple purée

Apple puree

Home made puree is a great first food for babies, and apple is an eternal favourite. You can make this same recipe using pear if you prefer.
apple with rice cereal

Apple with rice cereal

After microwaving food for children, it is very important to thoroughly stir it to distribute the heat evenly. Then, you should ALWAYS test the temperature against your skin (dip in a clean finger, or place a small quantity of food on your lower lip). ­It should feel warm, not hot. Note
apple and blueberry purée

Apple and blueberry purée

suitable from 6 months We used red apples in the apple and blueberry purée as green apples are often too tart for infants. Golden delicious apples can be used (for both apple recipes), as they are quite sweet. Note