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almond jam cookies

Almond jam biscuits

If you're in a jam, any jam will do for these delightful almond biscuits. Buttery, crumbly and zesty with lemon, they're a delicious little mouthful.
peach and nectarine trifle

Peach and nectarine trifle

You could use apricots as well or instead of either fruit for this divine peach and nectarine trifle. As a rule of thumb, just go with whatever is best in season.
apricot crumble slice

Apricot crumble slice

This quick and easy apricot crumble slice makes a great afternoon snack, and is perfect for packing in lunch boxes. For something slightly fancier, serve warm with a spoonful of sour cream.
mandarin and apricot jam

Mandarin and apricot jam

The beauty of homemade jams are that you can adjust the sweetness to your taste. The addition of the mandarin to this recipe adds a lovely citrus flavour. The jam will be ready when a teaspoon-full 'jells' when placed on a cold plate.
apricot   lemon marmalade

Apricot lemon marmalade

Gift these jars of sunshine to anyone and they'll be forever grateful. The combination of sweet apricot and tart lemon makes this jam so delicious you'll have a hard time giving it away!
apricot rum conserve

Apricot rum conserve

Delicious spread on toast, this chunky apricot jam would make the perfect home-made gift. To test if it is ready, put a plate in the freezer for a few minutes, then see if the jam 'jells' when you blob a teaspoon full onto the cold surface.