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lemon and apricot cake

Lemon and apricot cake

Put the kettle on and treat yourself to a thick wedge of this gingery lemon and apricot cake, best served with a dollop of yoghurt or whipped cream.

Apple and apricot bread puddings

Fruit can be cooked a day ahead, keep, covered, in the refrigerator. Make bread topping and bake puddings as required. Note
grilled stone fruit with amaretti

Grilled stone fruit with amaretti

You can use the stone fruit of your choice to make this delicious dessert. As a rule, it's best to go with whatever is best in season, but personal taste always plays a role!
nectarine and apricot tarts

Nectarine and apricot tarts

These tarts are the perfect expression of sumer. When cooked, the nectarines and apricots soften and slightly caramelise, becoming the perfect foil to the buttery crunch of the pastry and the nuts. Note
Apricot almond crumbles

Apricot almond crumbles

Sweet brandy-spiked apricot is topped with a gingery almond topping in this delicious take on the classic crumble.