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apricot impossible pie

Apricot impossible pie

This easy-mix pie is called `impossible’ because it sorts itself out in the oven into 3 layers. Note
brandied apricot jam

Brandied apricot jam

For a more intense brandy flavour, stir up to two tablespoons of brandy into the jam mixture before pouring into the jars. Note
apricot and strawberry sponge bake

Apricot and strawberry sponge bake

Sponge-finger biscuits are also known as savoiardi biscuits, savoy biscuits, lady’s fingers or sponge fingers; they are long, oval-shaped Italian-style crisp fingers made from sponge-cake mixture, and are available from supermarkets. Recipe is not suitable to freeze. Note
apricot amaretto jam

Apricot amaretto jam

Amaretto is a sweet almond flavoured liqueur that is made from a base of apricot pits or almonds, sometimes both.