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sumac lamb on pearl barley salad

Sumac lamb on pearl barley salad

Cook vegetables slowly to prevent them blackening before they have softened. Before adding lamb to the grill, increase heat to medium-high. Note


This fragrant pilaf with crunchy almonds is a great accompaniment to meat stews and curries.
merguez and couscous salad

Merguez and couscous salad

A small, spicy sausage ­ eaten throughout North Africa and Spain ­ merguez is traditionally made with lamb meat and is easily identified by its chilli-red colour. Merguez can be found in many butchers, delicatessens and sausage specialty stores, but any spicy sausage can be used in this recipe. Note
pumpkin and split pea tagine

Pumpkin and split pea tagine

Traditional to North Africa, a tagine is an aromatic casserole, usually cooked and served in an earthenware dish, also called a tagine.
semolina slice

Semolina slice

Known variously throughout the Middle East and North Africa as basboosa, namoura or harisi, this sweet slice is saturated with a citrusy sugar syrup which gives it a lovely individual flavour. Note