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harissa lamb loin chops

Harissa lamb loin chops

Spicy harissa makes a great marinade or rub for tender lamb loin chops. Serve with vegetables or salad for a delicious dinner.


Various combinations of rice and lentils are eaten throughout the Middle East and India, with perhaps the two most well-known versions being Lebanese mujadara and Indian kitcheree. Our Egyptian take on this homely dish, however, adds delicious "oomph" to the rice-lentil theme with its fragrantly spicy caramelised onion and piquant chilli sauce.
harissa beef with garlic beans and pumpkin mash

Harissa beef with beans and pumpkin mash

Cavolo nero can be substituted with cabbage or silver beet. Note
Kenyan chicken curry

Kenyan chicken curry

Hot, creamy and packed full of spice, this hearty Kenyan chicken curry makes the ultimate comfort food for a cooler evening.
Trinidadian beef

Trinidadian beef

A rich and intense beef stew from Trinidad that boasts five spices, as well as chilli, hot curry powder, ginger and garlic. Best to have some yoghurt or milk on hand!
merguez, beetroot and lentil salad

Merguez, beetroot and lentil salad

Merguez sausages, from North Africa, are traditionally made with lamb and seasoned with garlic and hot spices. They can be found at most delicatessens and sausage specialists. Golden beetroots have a slightly sweeter flavour than the purple-red variety and can be found at most greengrocers. When trimming the beetroots, leave a little of the stalk […]