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20 fun dessert ideas for Halloween

Eat, drink and be scary this 31st of October with these easy and delicious Halloween treats. From ghastly ghosts and all things witchy, to black bats and creepy crawlies, these spooky sweets will be a hit among kids and adults alike. Pop our rocky road graveyards into the kids' 'trick or treat' hoard, or let our flying ghost cake steal the show as the centrepiece of your scary spread. You're sure to find something to impress. Enjoy!

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    Halloween white chocolate ghost cupcakes

    These adorable white chocolate cupcakes are beautiful served with a light and fluffy frosting. Decorate with black jelly bean 'eyes' for a ghost-like Halloween treat the kids will love.

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    Choc cobweb cupcakes

    Get into the 'spirit' of Halloween with these delicious choc cobweb cupcakes!

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    Banana mummies

    These delicious banana mummies treats are perfect for Halloween! Delicious banana coated​ in decadent dark chocolate - a match made in Halloween heaven!

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    Halloween rocky road graveyards

    These chocolate, rice bubble and lolly 'graveyard' bites make the ultimate Halloween treat for kids and adults alike. They'll fit your spooky party theme perfectly, while still ticking all the flavour boxes.

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  • 8

    Chocolate wands

    These deliciously festive chocolate wands are like magic! The perfect treat idea for this Halloween!

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    Meringue ghosts

    Get creative in the kitchen with these sweet and sugary meringue ghosts, the ultimate 'treat' this Halloween!

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    Ghostly chocolate cakes and pumpkin cakes

    These adorable little cupcakes are decorated to look like eery ghosts and miniature pumpkins, perfect for Halloween parties for your little ones.

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  • 11

    Rotten apples

    Looking for creative Halloween treats? Look no further than these rotten apples! Sweet, crunchy and delicious!

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    Melting witches hats

    Indulge in these Halloween themed melting witches hats! Sweet, chocolately and so delicious!

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  • 16

    Toffee Apples

    You’ll be the star of the school fair with these classic candied creations. The winning combination of sweet toffee and crisp green apples is sure to delight your friends and family.

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  • 17

    Ghostly cupcakes

    Things that go bump in the night! These spooky cupcakes have meringue ghosts floating over fairy floss. Great for kids Halloween or birthday parties - OOOOooooOOooo!

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