South-East Asian dinner recipes

Explore the diverse flavours of these countries, one dish at a time.

By BTYB ABC Sauces
Our South-East Asia holiday plans may be temporarily on hold but that doesn't mean we can't recreate the incredible flavours of the countries' diverse cuisines at home.
With Indonesian-made ABC sauces, you can cook authentic South-East Asian recipes in your own kitchen. The brand's beloved sweet soy sauce is made from quality yellow soy beans and naturally sweetened with sun-dried palm sugar, which gives it a distinct and intense combination of sweet, savoury and slightly smoky flavour that's bursting with gurih (Indonesian for 'fifth taste'). In other words, even the least confident of chefs can whip up a dinner that's reminiscent of nights spent in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or Singapore!
Below, we've rounded up 12 easy yet amazing South-East Asian recipes to help cure your wanderlust and inspire your dinner menu.

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