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myrtle the turtle

Myrtle the turtle

Packaged cupcakes usually come iced, however, you can ice over the top with the frosting or remove the icing. Place the muffins in matching paper cases, if you like. Note
sausage and tabbouleh pitta breads

Sausage and tabbouleh pitta breads

We used beef sausages here, but this snack would be just as good with chicken, pork or lamb sausages depending on your child’s tastes. You can replace the baba ghanoush with hummus. Note
mini flowers

Mini flower cakes

Make more cakes from any leftover cake mixture if you like. Cakes are best made on the day of the party. Note
crown of hearts

Crown of hearts

Fit for the king or queen of the day, this cake sparkles with edible jewels. Note


Ready made soft icing can be bought from any local supermarkets. We painted the horses with non-toxic paint. The cardboard cylinder must be strong, we used the inside of a baking paper roll. Note
sumac wedges

Sumac wedges

.Sumac is a purple-red, astringent spice ground from berries growing on shrubs that flourish wild around the Mediterranean. It adds a delightful tart, lemony piquancy to food without the heat of chilli. Available from the spice aisle of most supermarkets and Middle Eastern stores. Note