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Get ahead of your hunger with these delicious (and often healthy) snack recipes and ideas—including keto snack recipes, children’s snacks and more.


Banana coconut cake with coconut honey topping

Keeping time: 2 days. We used 3 bananas for this recipe. Note
Photographer: Ben Dearnley

Triple choc muffins

When too much chocolate is never enough, take one more step over the line and there you'll find these decadent little triple choc muffins. They make a great treat for the kids, or for you.
bug catcher

Bug catcher

EQUIPMENT 20cm x 30cm (8-inch x 12-inch) rectangular cake board We used Tic Tacs to make the ladybird `trail’. Use as many ladybirds as you like to decorate the cake board. Use any critter lollies you can find, sour worms work well, or even use plastic spiders, if you like. If using non-edible decorations, make […]

Turkish delight wraps

A trick to cutting turkish delight is to place it in the freezer for 15 minutes to firm up, then cut it with an oiled knife, making sure to oil the knife regularly. You need a 6cm (2½-inch) fluted square cutter, or alternatively use a 7cm (2¾ inch) fluted round cutter. Note
roast beef pizza

Roast beef pizza

Roast beef pizza. Yes indeed. Suspend your disbelief at least until you try this brilliant example of British and Italian fusion, complete with horseradish, brought to you by Woman's Day.