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Get ahead of your hunger with these delicious (and often healthy) snack recipes and ideas—including keto snack recipes, children’s snacks and more.

Witches fingers

Witches fingers

Store in an airtight container at room temperature. Note
caramel banana pinwheels

Caramel banana pinwheels

Did you know? Children need to eat mini-meals throughout the day. Most children can snack up to 5 or 6 times a day, thanks to their small stomach capacity and large appetites, providing them with a third to a half of their energy needs. Note
Board shorts

Board shorts

EQUIPMENT 26cm x 35cm (10 inch x 14 inch) baking dish 30cm x 40cm (12 inch x 16 inch) rectangular cake board bamboo skewer. The grommets have gone a-surfing — even fussy teenage boys and girls will want to ‘hang 10’ with this cool pair of board shorts. Use a skewer to make holes for […]
wrapped up like a mummy

Wrapped up like a mummy

35cm (14-inch) square cake board These cute little cakes would also be a welcome treat at a halloween party for younger children. Cupcakes should be decorated the day of serving as the Minties will dissolve if left overnight. Store cakes in an airtight container at room temperature. If you can’t find un-iced cupcakes, use iced […]
Boris the cLown

Boris the clown

Boris the clown is a fun and delicious cake for children's birthday parties.
Teddy bear's picnic

Teddy bear’s picnic

Replace toys with caramello koalas or teddy bear biscuits, edible flowers and lollies shaped like picnic foods, such as fruits, hot dogs and pizza. You’ll find lots of toys to easily decorate cakes in variety shops or toy stores. Note