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  • Christmas cake idea

    Modern Christmas cake

    Switch up your traditional Christmas spread with a modern spin on a much-loved classic! Topped with a fluffy cinnamon buttercream and fresh fruits, this rich cake is sure to be a winner at Christmas!

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  • Modern Christmas recipes you'll love

    Modern Christmas recipes you'll love

    There's nothing wrong with the classic roast turkey, boiled puddings and fruit mince pies - in fact, we love them - but sometimes you get sick of eating the same thing every year and feel like mixing it up. Luckily, the warm Australian climate allows us to do just that, so we've experimented with fresh tasty flavours to bring you a wonderfully modern Christmas menu. From our poached duck salad to our raspberry yoghurt terrine, this is the best way to jazz up your Christmas table.

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  • Australian Christmas food

    Australian Christmas food

    As Aussies, we're celebrating Christmas time during the peak of our hot summer, and as a result we typically have a very different festive menu than other countries around the world.

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  • Traditional Australian recipes

    Traditional Australian recipes

    While we love exploring new cultures and cuisines, there's something comforting about the familiar food you grew up with. Luckily, Australia is home to a whole host of delicious produce and traditional recipes that we still love to this very day. Take your pick from everyone's favourite chicken schnitzel parmigiana, or footy-appropriate meat pies, or get your sweet on with easy finger buns and warm coconut and banana bread, spread with lashings of butter. It's foodie heaven!

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  • The Australian Women's Weekly's classic cakes

    The Australian Women's Weekly's classic cakes

    We've done all the hard work for you and tested thousands of cakes to bring you our most delicious recipes. There's a cake for every occasion - from the basic butter cake to a luscious black forest mud cake and everything in between. This is the only place on earth you can have your cake and eat it too.

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  • iced vovo cake

    Creative twists on classic Australian treats

    While we love to treat ourselves to all kinds of snacks and desserts from across the globe, there's nothing quite like the Aussie classics we grew up with. From lamingtons and Tim Tams to fairy bread and jelly cakes, we've always loved our own iconic treats when we're feeling nostalgic. But here, these old favourites have been given a new lease on life with our most creative twists. There's everything from an iced vovo cake to fairy bread pancakes and banoffee pavlova. There's even a surprising recipe to make your Golden Gaytimes even better.

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  • devils food cake

    Vintage Australian Women's Weekly desserts

    Remember these favourites? There's just something about these old classics that are even more comforting than their modern counterparts. Perhaps it's the childhood memories of baking alongside Mum and sharing a big slice of cake together. And, with all of The Australian Women's Weekly's delicious retro desserts now in one place, you can easily recreate the memories with your own little ones. Serve up our iconic jelly cakes with your morning cuppa or treat the kids to our never-fail hundreds and thousands biscuits and enjoy!

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