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  • Dessert tacos

    Put a sweet spin on traditional tacos by turning them into a decadent dessert. Quick and easy, they're the perfect end to any meal!

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  • Cherry dessert recipes

    Whether you prefer them sweet or sour, one thing is for sure; cherries make some delightful desserts. So, we've rounded up our favourite fresh cherry recipes for you to take advantage of Australia's short cherry season. They will only stick around until February so make the most of them now with one of our creamy cheesecakes or pies. And of course, these stone fruits are a dream with chocolate so there's something here to satisfy your sweet tooth, too. We've even included the recipe for a lovely cherry ice-cream to help you cool down this summer.

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  • Pineapple dessert recipes

    Perfectly pairing sweet and tart, this delightful tropical fruit is lovely enjoyed on its own, sliced through a fruit salad, or incorporated into one of these beautiful baked desserts. Try our wonderfully moist coconut and pineapple cakes, slices and tarts, or go for our warm self-saucing pudding for something a little more indulgent. You'll find recipes for zesty pina colada cupcakes, as well as impressive tiered cakes for special events. And for something cooler, try our homemade pineapple and yoghurt ice-cream for a refreshing summer treat.

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  • Mocha dessert roll

    This rich, but not too-sweet, mocha roll is one of Anneka Manning's favourite desserts from her cookbook 'BakeClass'. It's perfect for entertaining, and it's much easier to make than you’d expect!

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  • Delicious dessert recipes

    If you have a fancy dinner party lined up, or just a sweet date night on the cards, you need the perfect dessert to end a perfect night. Whether it’s a decadent chocolate cherry pavlova or a strawberries and cream tart with an almond crust, we’ve got all the answers to your dessert dilemmas. So, to help you pinpoint your menu’s crowning glory, we’ve put together a list of our most delicious, most decadent and most delectable desserts ever. You’re welcome.

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  • Perfect pistachio dessert recipes

    Their gorgeous green hue and creamy texture make pistachios the perfect pick for your desserts. Sprinkle atop your favourite cakes for an Instagram-worthy treat or chop finely and mix into a traditional baklava for a delicious sweet snack. Get fancy for afternoon tea with our French macarons and melt-in-your-mouth shortbread biscuits or serve up our pistachio almond cake for a show-stopping dessert. The choices are endless!

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  • Easy pumpkin dessert recipes

    Pumpkin makes a brilliant addition to many desserts, adding a naturally sweet and creamy flavour to your favourite treats. It's super versatile, too and works wonderfully in everything from a classic pumpkin pie to an impressive spiced layer cake. Here, you'll find some of our best (and easiest!) desserts that make the most of this Autumn vegetable. Try our mini pumpkin tarts for an afternoon treat or give our pumpkin gingerbread cake a go when you really want to indulge.

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  • Rum-infused dessert recipes

    Add a bit of kick to your desserts with a dash of spiced rum. Whether you prefer the classic rum and raisin combination or opt for something a little more creative, these decadent desserts are sure to inspire. Our beautiful orange pudding makes a spectacular centrepiece on any dinner table, while our old-fashioned rum balls are the perfect bite-sized treat. Enjoy!

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