Candy castle cake

A cake fit for royalty!

Another one from our famous Children's Birthday Cake cookbook this Candy Cake is every kids dream. Whether they want to be a king or a queen, a princess or a prince for the day - you can bring your little ones dreams alive with this one.



  • 1
    Make cakes together according to directions on packet, spoon one quarter of combined mixture into greased 25cm x 8cm (10in x 3in) bar tin, spoon remaining mixture into greased deep 20cm (8in) square cake tin, bake in moderate oven 30 minutes for bar cake, 1 hour for square cake or until cooked when tested. Turn on to wire rack to cool. If necessary, trim tops of cakes to give flat surfaces.
  • 2
    Place square cake on prepared board; cut bar cake into four equal pieces, position one piece on each corner of square cake, as shown, place an upside-down icecream cone in each corner.
  • 3
    Cover cake and cones completely with Fluffy Frosting. Remove striker sides from matchbox cover, press one end lightly into frosting to form brick pattern.
  • 4
    Decorate cake with assorted sweets, as shown; icecream wafer represents door, squares of soft fondant sweets on toothpicks represent flags on turrets (see Licorice Allsorts, page 3).

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