Seasoned tofu pouches

Seasoned tofu pouches
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1.Halve cucumber lengthways; discard seeds with teaspoon. Dice.
2.Carefully cut open pouches on one side, gently pushing fingers into each corner to form pouch.
3.Reserve a few of the seeds for garnish; fold remaining seeds and cucumber through rice.
4.Dip fingers of right hand in bowl of vinegared water, shake off excess; pick up about an eighth of the rice with right hand, gently and loosely fill one pouch, being careful not to overfill or tear pouch and to push rice into corners.
5.Fold one side of pouch down over rice; fold other side over to enclose filling. Turn pouch over so join is underneath.
6.Tie a strip of gourd around pouch with a loose knot on top; repeat with remaining ingredients. Garnish with a little red pickled ginger and reserved sesame seeds.

Ready-made seasoned bean-curd skins and seasoned gourd (kampyo) strips are available from Asian specialist grocery stores. For rice vinegared water, add 1 tablespoon rice vinegar to medium bowl of cold water.


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