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Artichokes with garlic anchovy crumbs

This recipe uses a slow cooker which creates deliciously tender artichokes that pair wonderfully with the salty crunch of garlic anchovy crumbs.
artichokes with garlic anchovy crumbs
8H 35M



1.Remove and discard tough outer leaves from artichokes. Trim stems so artichoke bases sit flat. Using a small teaspoon, remove and discard hairy chokes from centre of artichokes; rinse artichokes under cold water.
2.Pack artichokes tightly, upside down, into 4.5L (18-cup) slow cooker; pour in the water, stock and juice. Cook, covered, on low, 8 hours.
3.Make garlic anchovy crumbs just before serving.
4.Remove artichokes with slotted spoon; drain well. Serve artichokes with olive oil and garlic anchovy crumbs for dipping.

Garlic anchovy crumbs

5.In large frying pan, heat oil; cook anchovy and garlic, stirring, until anchovy softens. Add breadcrumbs and rind; cook, stirring, until crumbs are browned lightly and crisp. Transfer to medium bowl; cool. Stir in parsley and cheese; season to taste.

Artichoke leaves are pulled off the whole artichoke, one by one, and eaten by scraping against the teeth to extract the soft flesh at the base of each leaf. In this recipe we suggest dipping the leaves in a full-flavoured olive oil and the flavoured crumbs before eating.


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