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Vegetable tempura with wasabi aioli

The secrets of making perfect tempura are: use the freshest vegetables you can find; make sure both the vegetables and the batter are really cold (this prevents the batter from soaking up too much oil); maintain a constant temperature by only frying a few pieces at a time; make the batter just before required; finally, don't over mix the batter - lumpy is good.
Vegetable tempura with wasabi aioli


Vegetable tempura
Wasabi aioli


1.Using a vegetable peeler, cut carrots into long thin ribbons. Halve capsicums; discarding seeds and membranes. Cut capsicum into 2cm-thick slices. Cut onion into thin wedges.
2.For the wasabi aioli, blend or process egg yolks, juice, wasabi and garlic until smooth. With motor operating, add oil gradually in a thin stream; process until mixture thickens. Thin aioli with hot water, if desired.
3.Just before serving, whisk egg whites in small bowl until soft peaks form. Sift flours into large bowl. Stir in the water; fold in egg white.
4.Heat oil in wok. Dip vegetables, one piece at a time, in batter; deep-fry, in batches, until browned lightly and crisp. Drain on absorbent paper; keep each batch warm as you deep-fry remainder.
5.Serve tempura with separate bowls of soy sauce and wasabi aioli.

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