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Teriyaki chicken rice paper rolls

teriyaki chicken rice paper rolls
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1.Trim chicken; cut lengthways into eight strips. Combine chicken, marinade and the water in a small bowl, cover; refrigerate 1 hour. Drain chicken; discard marinade.
2.Meanwhile, cut cucumbers in half lengthways; discard seeds. Cut halves in half crossways; cut pieces into three strips lengthways.
3.Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat; cook chicken, in batches, until cooked through. Cool 10 minutes.
4.Place 1 sheet of rice paper in a medium bowl of warm water until just softened; lift sheet carefully from water, placing it on a clean tea-towel-covered board with a corner pointing towards you. Place two pieces of chicken horizontally in centre of rice paper; top with one piece of cucumber then a few mushrooms. Fold the corner facing you over filling; roll rice paper to enclose filling, folding in one side after first complete turn of roll. Repeat process to make a total of 24 rolls.

Rolls can be made a day ahead; keep, covered with a damp paper towel, in the refrigerator.


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