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Crab and prawn cakes with tomato remoulade

Spicy American-style crab and prawn cakes, served with ribbon salad and a spicy tomato remoulade, make a great cocktail food platter.
crab and shrimp cakes with tomato remoulade


Tomato remoulade
Ribbon salad


1.Blend or process fish, crab, egg white, chilli and ginger until mixture is smooth. Stir in prawns; using floured hands, shape ¼-cups of the mixture into cakes. Coat in flour; shake off excess flour.
2.Combine all tomato remoulade ingredients in small bowl.
3.Make ribbon salad. Using vegetable peeler, slice cucumbers and carrots into ribbons. Place in large bowl with scallions, juice and oil; toss gently to combine.
4.Cook cakes on heated oiled skillet or in a frying pan, uncovered, until cooked through. Serve with remoulade and salad.

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