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Cold seafood platter with herb yoghurt

cold seafood platter with herb yoghurt



1.Make herb yoghurt. Process yoghurt and herbs until smooth. Season to taste, then add sour cream, pulse to combine. Refrigerate until required. Spoon into an airtight container for transporting.
2.To shell the balmain bugs, hold the tail in one hand and the head in the other, twist the head gently while pulling away from the tail, discard head.
3.Place balmain bugs, top-side down. Using kitchen scissors, cut through the softer, white undershell, starting at the head end, stopping just before the tail. Using a large flat kitchen knife, carefully cut in half lengthways. Remove digestive tract.
4.Place bugs, prawns, salmon and lime wedges in separate airtight transportable containers that will fit into a cooler.

Wear rubber gloves when removing the head of the balmain bug from the tail.


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