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Cheese and herb omelette

cheese and herb omelette



1.In a large jug, whisk eggs and herbs together until combined. Season to taste.
2.Heat a little of the butter in a frying pan and pour in a quarter of the egg mixture, about ½ a cup. It should begin to set around the edge almost immediately.
3.Use a spatula to pull the edge of the omelette away from the side of the pan, allowing the uncooked egg mixture to run underneath and cook.
4.When mixture is no longer runny, but the top is creamy, add a quarter of the cheese, spinach and tomato, if using.
5.Fold omelette in half and slide onto a plate. Top with crispy prosciutto and basil. Serve with toast. Repeat with remaining egg mixture and filling.

We used chives and basil in the omelette, but you could use any combination of herbs you like.


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