Tuna cucumber mini-maki

tuna cucumber mini-maki
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1.Place one nori sheet shiny-side down on sushi mat. Using damp fingers, spread ¼ cup rice over nori, leaving 2cm strip at end.
2.Dab some of the wasabi across centre of rice, layer tuna and cucumber over wasabi. Using mat, roll firmly to form sushi roll.
3.Place roll, seam-side down, on board, using sharp knife, cut roll into six mini-maki pieces.
4.Repeat with remaining nori, rice, tuna and cucumber.
5.Serve immediately with sauce, and more wasabi, if desired.

Wiping the knife with a damp cloth will make cutting the sushi roll easier. You need a sushi or bamboo mat, available from Asian food stores and most supermarkets for this recipe. Nori is a type of dried seaweed used in Japanese cooking as a flavouring, garnish or for sushi. It is sold in thin sheets, plain or toasted, and is available from Asian grocery stores and most supermarkets.


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