Squid and watercress salad

Squid and watercress salad



1.Cut squid in half lengthways, score inside surface of each piece cut diagonally into 2cm-wide strips.
2.Combine cumin, dill, juice, sauces and oil in small jug, mix well.
3.Combine squid, rind and garlic in large bowl with half of the cumin mixture, cover, refrigerate at least 20 minutes or until required. Cover remaining cumin mixture, refrigerate until required.
4.Drain squid, discard marinade. Cook squid in heated oiled grill pan until just cooked, cover to keep warm.
5.Halve cucumbers lengthways, cut into thin slices. Combine cucumber in large bowl with capsicum and watercress.
6.Stir the water into reserved cumin mixture, pour over salad, toss gently to combine. Serve squid with salad.