Lentil patties with spicy eggplant sauce

lentil patties with spicy eggplant sauce
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Eggplant sauce


1.Make spicy eggplant sauce. Preheat oven to 180°C (160°C fan forced). Halve eggplant lengthways, place cut-side down on oiled oven tray. Roast about 45 minutes or until eggplant softens, cool. Scoop out flesh, discard skin. Blend or process eggplant with garlic, juice, sauce and yogurt until combined. Stir in parsley.
2.Meanwhile, boil, steam or microwave potato until tender, drain. Mash potato until smooth.
3.Cook lentils in medium saucepan of boiling water, about 8 minutes or until tender, drain.
4.Preheat grill (broiler) to hot. Quarter capsicum, discard seeds and membranes. Roast capsicum under grill, skin-side-up, until skin blisters and blackens. Cover capsicum pieces with plastic or paper for 5 minutes, peel away skin then chop coarsely.
5.Heat olive oil in medium frying pan, cook onion and garlic, stirring, until softened. Add the water and celery, cook, stirring, until water has almost evaporated. Add silver beet, cook, stirring, until wilted.
6.Combine mashed potato, lentils, capsicum, onion mixture, pine nuts, stale breadcrumbs and herbs in bowl. Shape mixture into six patties, toss in packaged breadcrumbs, place on tray. Cover, refrigerate 1 hour.
7.Heat vegetable oil in large frying pan, cook patties about 2 minutes each side or until browned and heated through. Serve patties with spicy eggplant sauce.

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