Firm ricotta

Impress friends and family by making your own cheese from scratch.
900 grams

This recipe is for a firmer drier style of ricotta, ideal for fillings or use in savoury recipes where it is to be combined with wetter ingredients.

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1.Heat milk in a large saucepan over low heat, stirring until it reaches 60°C on a cooking thermometer.
2.Add the salt, without stirring. Continue to heat until the milk reaches 92°C; do not allow the milk to boil. Remove pan from heat. Combine the water and vinegar, stir through the milk. Stand for 1 minute or until the curds rise to the top of the pan.
3.Place a large sieve over a large bowl; line with muslin. Using a sterile slotted spoon, lift the curds into the sieve. (It is okay to include some liquid with the curds as you lift them, as the excess will drain away).
4.Refrigerate for 3 hours or until drained (you may need to empty the whey if the bowl gets too full. The leftover whey has many uses). Transfer ricotta to an airtight sterilised container and refrigerate.