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Watermelon with chilli herbed salad

This light garden salad of an exotic mix of herbs and crisp vegetables perfectly matches a hearty meal.
watermelon with chilli herbed salad



1.Cut thin strips of rind from one lime then cut finely; reserve for lime dressing. Peel remaining lime; segment both limes then chop coarsely.
2.Remove and discard skin and white pith from watermelon; cut watermelon in half, then cut into eight 5cm x 8cm blocks. Cut blocks into six 1cm slices.
3.Make lime dressing. Combine juice, oil and reserved rind in screw-top jar; shake well.
4.Combine lime, chilli, coriander, mint and tatsoi in medium bowl.
5.Layer watermelon on large platter; sprinkle over lime and herb mixture, drizzle with dressing.

Achieving balance in a meal is a sure way to culinary delight. Think about how a light garden salad perfectly matches a hearty meal; an exotic mix of herbs and crisp vegetables complement a simple dish and how a classic potato salad will always get requests for seconds.


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