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Spiced pork

A sweet, rich and delicious spiced pork dish from Australian Women's Weekly.
Spiced Pork



1.Trim chops, discard the fat and bones. Mix together remaining ingredients in bowl, except chicken stock cube, water and extra soy sauce; add chops, mix well. Set aside two hours. Stir occasionally.
2.Heat oil into wok or pan: oil should be 2.5cm in depth in wok. When hot, add marinated pork chops, fry quickly on both sides until golden brown and cooked through.
3.Remove pork chops from pan, cut into serving-size pieces, keep warm.
4.Combine in pan, water, crumbled stock cube and extra soy sauce, bring to boil, pour over pork.
5.Serve with Chinese mixed pickles scattered over.

The pickles can be bought in cans or jars from Chinese food stores.


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