Quick & Easy

Slow-cooked rabbit stew with sweet potato and sage

A subtle and delicately flavoured rabbit stew with potato and sage that will melt in your mouth.
slow-cooked rabbit stew with sweet potato and sage
6H 20M



1.Cut rabbit into six serving-sized pieces. Peel onions, leaving root ends intact.
2.Combine rabbit, onion and remaining ingredients in 4.5-litre (18-cup) slow cooker; cook, covered, on low, 6 hours. Season to taste.
3.Serve rabbit and vegetables drizzled with broth; top with steamed green beans, if you like.

Ask the butcher to cut the rabbit into pieces for you. Verjuice is available in delis and supermarkets; it’s usually found in the vinegar aisle. It’s made from unripe grapes and has a slightly acidic taste.


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