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Paprika flathead with roasted capsicum sauce



Roasted capsicum sauce
Paprika flathead


1.Make roasted capsicum sauce. Preheat grill on high. Quarter capsicum and discard seeds and membrane. Halve tomato and discard seeds. Place capsicum and tomato on a tray, skin-side up and cook under grill until capsicum skin blisters and blackens, and tomato skin wrinkles. Place capsicum in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and set aside for 10 minutes, then peel away skin. Discard tomato skin. Process tomato with capsicum, garlic, oil, vinegar and paprika until smooth, season to taste with salt and pepper.
2.Combine paprika, coriander, pepper and salt in a small bowl. Briefly rinse the fish inside and out with cold running water. Pat dry with absorbent paper. Make two long cuts, about 1cm (½-inch) deep, into the thickest part of the flesh on each side of the fish. Rub fish inside and out with spice mixture.
3.Spray inside of a fish grill with cooking oil. Place the fish in the grill and position lemon slices in a row down the centre of each fish. Close the grill.
4.Heat a barbecue grill plate until hot. Place fish on barbecue and cook over low heat for 10 minutes on each side, turning only once. To check if the fish is cooked, use a fork or knife to gently separate the flesh at the thickest part, where it has been scored. If it’s white to the bone, it’s done.
5.Serve fish with roasted capsicum sauce.

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