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Herbed chicken kebabs with roasted pecans

If you're looking for the perfect recipe for a light weekend lunch with friends, these tender chicken kebabs with roast pecan salad is it.
herbed chicken kebabs with roasted pecans



1.Thread chicken onto 12 skewers.
2.In a shallow casserole dish, combine herbs, garlic, seasoning and broth. Add chicken skewers; turn skewers to coat in herb mixture. Cover; refrigerate at least 3 hours or until required.
3.On a heated oiled grill or grill pan, cook kebabs, in batches, until browned all over and cooked through.
4.Serve chicken kebabs with roasted pecans.

You need 12 skewers; if using bamboo skewers, soak them in water 1 hour before use to prevent splintering or scorching.


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