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Coconut fish

Coconut fish



1.Blend or process coriander, chilli, garlic, ginger and seeds until chopped finely.
2.Combine coriander mixture with coconut and oil in small bowl; mix well.
3.Score each fish three times both sides; place fish on large sheet of foil. Press coconut mixture onto fish; fold foil over to enclose fish.
4.Place fish in large bamboo steamer; steam fish, covered, over wok of boiling water about 25 minutes or until cooked through. Serve with lemon wedges, steamed long-grain white rice and stir-fried buk choy, if desired.

Using fresh coconut for dishes like this will enhance the flavour immeasurably, and you’ll find that many greengrocers and supermarkets now sell plastic bags of shredded or grated fresh coconut in their Asian ingredient section. Another option is to buy a halved coconut at the greengrocer or Asian food store, remove and shred the flesh then freeze what you don’t use here in the compartments of an ice-cube tray. After they’re frozen, save them in an air-tight plastic bag in your freezer for future use.


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