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Beef souvlaki and fennel salad

Fresh and fragrant.
beef souvlaki with fennel salad

Beef souvlaki and fennel salad.


Tender beef souvlaki marinated in lemon, wine and herbs – is paired perfectly with a fresh and fragrant fennel salad and garlic yoghurt.

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Fennel salad
Garlic yoghurt


1.Combine oil, lemon rind and flesh, wine, chopped rosemary, torn bay leaf and garlic in a large glass bowl; add beef, toss to coat. Season. Cover; refrigerate overnight.
2.Make fennel salad and garlic yoghurt.
3.Bring beef to room temperature. Evenly thread beef onto bay leaf branches.
4.Cook skewers, on a heated grill plate (or grill or barbecue) over medium-high heat for 5 minutes for medium rare, turning occasionally during cooking.
5.Serve skewers with grilled bread, fennel salad and garlic yoghurt.

Fennel salad

6.Trim the base of the fennel bulbs; reserve fronds. Using a mandoline or V-slicer, thinly slice fennel lengthways; place in a bowl of iced water. Drain well, lightly pat dry. Place fennel and half the reserved fennel fronds in a medium bowl with oil, vinegar and olives; toss well to combine. Season.

Garlic yoghurt

7.Place ingredients in a small bowl with remaining fennel fronds; stir to combine. Season to taste.

You can use red wine vinegar instead of merlot vinegar, and bamboo skewers instead of bay skewers, if you like.


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