White chocolate truffle cake

Try this cheats version of a Croquembouche
Photography Brett Stevens, styling Marie-Helene Clauzon.

Photography Brett Stevens, styling Marie-Helene Clauzon.




1.Draw a large circle measuring 70cm in diameter on the cardboard and cut a large wedge out of the cardboard slightly less than 1/3 of the size of the circle. Make a cone from the cardboard. (The cone should be about 35cm high.)
2.Staple ends together and tape over the staples. The wider the wedge of cardboard the wider the finished cone will be. Cut a smaller wedge for a thinner cone.
3.Brush the cone all over with some of the melted chocolate. Secure to a board or serving plate with a little more chocolate. Dip each ball in a little of the chocolate and place around the base of the cardboard, ensuring a little of the chocolate is between each ball so they will stick together when dry.
4.Continue ‘glueing’ the balls to the cone in layers until you reach the top. There will be some gaps in each layer so you will need to trim the sides of some balls to fit.
5.Decorate with flowers. If using fresh flowers, decorate closer to serving.

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